Saturday, September 29, 2012


So far it's been smooth sailing the past few weeks. We've accomplished a lot already! Shoot, maybe I should create a pocket guide to opening your nanobrewery at some point? Don't steal my idea now. If I could sum up the process so far in a few words it has been a juggling process with the guidance of our business plan. What would we do without it? Did I mention teamwork? Between Jeremy and I, we both pickup where one leaves off or work on two or three things at once. I cannot forget everyone supporting us. Thank you! We are getting the job done! 

I think back to when we started telling everyone we were planning on opening a brewery in the spring. Just saying this made us realize we had promised everyone and did not want to let them down! Therefore we had no other choice! Note to self - this is a great motivating strategy. 

So what are the major stepping stones accomplished to date? 
  1. Incorporate BadWolf as an LLC on June 28, 2012 - Spent $100 committing to the first step. It was a cool feeling!
  2. Obtain our EIN number
  3. Leased our location
  4. Apply for our licenses 
    • File Brewer's Notice to TTB - application is almost ready to submit! Here is what they require: This takes approximately 53 days to process
    • Next is state - approximately 30 days to process
    • Local stuff 
  5. Spend money - The fun part has been ordering all the gear and spending the money! Scary at first to watch a large lump sum in our cart be checked out online and realize we are really doing this. My guide has been our the budget and so far and I'm excited that we've stayed under budget! Leaves more wiggle room if we have hiccups in the buildout which I am sure we will.
  6. Marketing - we've also set up all the other fun stuff. Twitter, Facebook accounts, our webpage: Submitted our listings to Google Places & Yahoo. Ordered our beta tester t-shirts and setup a phone line - thank you Google Voice. Love it. 
  7. Banking & Accounting - Setup our business checking accounts and ordered Intuit Quickbooks 
  8. Planning for Buildout - While doing steps 2-6 we have also connected with our Architect - Loveless & Porter who has completed the preliminary drawings and provided our proposal. Next step is getting Manassas City's approval. 
  9. Misc - Membership with the Brewer's Association.
While doing all of the above, we still had to brew beer to make sure it tasted good of course! Brought 4 corny kegs to the neighborhood Oktoberfest for everyone to try including our chocolate oatmeal stout, pale ale, blend ale and an ESB. It was all a hit!

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