Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4 Update

What is a brewery? (a place where beer is made commercially according to the wiki) This question was asked last week and I was surprised! So I gave the lowdown to the questionee and proceeded to explain how our operation would work. A brewery is a new concept around here and with it hopefully comes inspiration for others to do the same, whether it be another brewery, restaurant, or specialty shop. These places are unique, cool and give Manassas character! My hope for the future of our town is to see more mom & pop businesses. We live in a franchise city compared to places like downtown Alexandria along King Street or downtown Asheville, NC where a different brewery is on every corner. Well, not literally, but Asheville was named beer city USA and they have a lot of breweries!

This month I reveal our layout a bit more. BadWolf is simply a very small taproom. 6 beers will be on tap (usually) with our customer area just large enough to accommodate some people sitting and of course standing room. Our bar is being built from scratch which will look great. Another cool thing - we will have a sit down pacman table loaded with hundreds of games including pacman and other fun ones from back in the day. Free popcorn will be available popped right on site in the cool little popcorn cart. Of course we will provide our freshly made beer in growlers to go. You will be happy to know there is a large fermentation room to store tons of kegs of happily fermenting beer. Behind this will be an sweet office complete with 4 walls and carpeting! It does not include a window view unless we paint one. Damn.

Behind the office and down the main hall is a large room for storing lots 'o grains and you can't live without a bathroom so we put one of those in. It comes with free toilet paper and hand towels. One day, I will get BadWolf the cool sustainable Excel dryer.

T-shirts, BadWolf pint glasses, BadWolf stickers and the cool stuff will be available for purchasing once we open.


Um, this spring and sorry, but no date confirmed until we start testing our brewing system which is about to be installed shortly! Hang in there. Don't worry, we can hardly wait too.


The brewmaster has 6 recipes selected (which I will keep a secret for now) and the beer will change as we brew new batches. No single recipe will remain on tap consistently. If you have a recipe you would like us to do, please go to our website and click the taproom tab. The brewmaster may even invite you to brew with him.

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