Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dying to Open

"Hurry the f-up already!" Someone emailed me this the other day and I just about fell out of my seat laughing. I've seen hundreds of emails but not one has arrived as demanding and as succinct as this. Then the person simply signed his name at the bottom. Later there was another one from a Dr. Who fan which came in from the midwest. They wanted a bottle of beer with BadWolf on it for their friend as a joke. The idea being to put Bad Wolf on every day items everywhere this person went. (Those who have seen the new series understand the significance.) Since we don't have beer in bottles or any beer at all just yet, we suggested he get one of our pint glasses or growlers. Someday, maybe this guy will give us an update. Yesterday, someone texted Jeremy saying it's really hot outside and he wants beer from us like pronto! Poor guy has to wait another month.

So as you are aware, we were pushed back another month due to a monster setback. The arrangement with this fellow posing as a licensed contractor to install the ventilation system never got underway and we witnessed a large sum of money basically fall into the abyss. The setback has been frustrating and a pain in the ass. When you look at the whole picture, walking with $3,260 is one part of it but delaying our opening another month means additional operating costs, delaying our permitting processes and now our ABC license is pushed out. What really sucks is that all of our future fans are delayed a taste of BadWolf beer. You know what? It's been really hot outside lately!! Here is the article published around the time the media got wind of the news. Did I mention Jeremy is dying to brew beer too! We have so many recipes and beautiful grains just waiting to utilize their potential in the new brew kettles. And our new water filtration system is fabulous. I love the water coming from our BadWolf sink. It's so tasty which means more consistent tasting beer.

New date TBA but we are looking at Mid-June. Hey, don't go on vacation just yet, we will be open before you know it!


  1. We're waiting with bated breath and excited pallets (sp?)!

  2. Hurry up! I need a fix of some real fresh brew! Besides, my son turns 21 in June and he needs someplace to taste real beer legally!