Sunday, August 25, 2013

I will see you...

Every year, when it gets close to September, I start thinking of this song - 

"I will see September....I will see you....when the summer 's through." 

Truly, I can thank a friend for that because it's now a yearly habit to start thinking about it around the end of August. I begin to wonder, do I have to go back to school? Then reality hits, "No. Wait. We run a brewery..." So nope, this is not applicable for Jeremy and I.    

Anyways, I'm happy to say that we got the labeling issue all straightened out. We failed to do our due diligence. When ABC said "Here's your label approval packet" we said "oh well were not distributing" and that was that. Later, when it was time to pay taxes we found out that all beer sold in VA must have a label of some sort. We got our labels approved and re-opened. Now we're good to go.

It's fantastic that our growlers have arrived after a long and unexpected delay but nonetheless, everybody seems to be happy. They are popular along with our new potato chips from Route 11, a local place from Mount Jackson, VA. Everybody is munching on them. Next week, we should be receiving our Sprechers gourmet sodas

As we approach the fall season, BadWolf plans to host a little something on Sept 29 from 2-9pm. Yes folks, it's our first Oktoberfest! Just to clarify, Oktoberfests traditionally begin in September. At this event, our hope is to bring in a BBQ pit, ice cream truck, live music, have a raffle, bring in some fancy cars for lookin' at, and offer some specially bottled German beers to supplement BadWolf's taps. We are now in the planning stages and as soon as we have all the details ironed out, we'll let you know! Until then, come on down and have a pint and get a growler or 2! 

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