Tuesday, May 19, 2015

8420 Kao Circle Update!

Hello everyone! We are super excited about our progress on the second location. The average turnaround time for the approval of the Brewer's Notice used to be 100 days. We were informed it would take an extra 20 days due to the volume of other applications. So the 20 days had passed and the question became whether we should let them do their job or check in on the status. It was decided to give them a quick call. The TTB brushed off the dust on the application and began reviewing it. After some back and forth Jeremy realized we sent over the wrong bond from the other location. Once that was cleared up, TTB had everything they needed to process the application. On May 1, we received official approval!! Now we are halfway though the VA ABC application process. (For a second location you must obtain the Brewer's Notice & a new ABC license). Once our ABC license is approved, we will begin to brew.

Since the last blog post, we have also made massive construction progress! Acting as our own GC (General Contractor) has made the journey a bit intimidating BUT our team has has done great work so far and we've passed inspections. We have to thank these folks and everyone else in the process so far:

  • Loveless Porter Architects 
  • BEI - Structural Engineering firm
  • MEP - Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Engineers
  • PRP, LLC (Plumb Right Plumbing) 
  • Systems Inc (Electrical)
  • RJ Mechanical 
  • Alliance Steel
  • Drywall Specialties Inc
  • EM Tech Engineers (Inspecting Reinforced Steel)
We also want to thank:
  • Volunteers who put together our new tables
  • My husband and the staff for their blood and sweat: Jeremy, Jesse, Ryan, Claire & Bryan
  • Turtle for his beautiful mural
  • Isaac - our son who loves to visit both breweries with excitement, patience and a smile
  • All of the suppliers for our new equipment & cool merch
  • FVC Bank
  • City of Manassas
  • VA ABC & TTB 
  • Family, friends, & freaking amazing customers! 

Additionally, we are preparing to bring on more members to our team, decorate the new space and fill it with the most important product of all: BEER! Since my husband and some of the other amazing brewers are great with the technical aspects of brewing, I have encouraged them to write about the brewing process, recipes, and stuff that you might enjoy in the future! Who cares about all this business stuff, right? (I love writing about it)

When we open the second location, you can look forward to bottled beer available for pickup and eventually pickup your keg for a party. Dare I say this? The projected opening date is on or near June 19, our two year anniversary for BadWolf. If you want to receive an email for opening, please visit our home page and drop us your email address.

Lastly, I would like to say that your belief in us has brought us to the step we originally dreamed about. Our potential to positively impact the community and continue to build a better community will be enhanced with "Big BadWolf".  In the second location, we will be able to continue to raise money for charities, offer yoga classes, art classes, comedy nights, live music, book readings, group meetings and a roomy enough place where you can actually find a seat! Some might refer to BadWolf as a second family and we can't wait to continue the journey with you and the future people we meet. Great things can come from good beer, right?!

Enjoy the pics below -

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