Saturday, November 17, 2012

Patience and ?

The other day something exciting happened. An email from TTB was received stating that our application was given a tracking number and that a Specialist was assigned to us. Oh boy! One tiny step forward. Patience is all that is needed. The application process does take some time but the good news is it will eventually go through. When that happens, we will celebrate.

While we eagerly wait, one of our latest belgian beers will be opened tonight and tasted. Well, (ah-hem) let me clarify, it has been opened and IS being consumed by all those lucky souls present. If Jeremy enjoyed writing, I would have him talk a little more about it which is another reason why we look forward to opening BadWolf. He loves talking about his beer!!!

There are so many people we've run into who aren't familiar with craft beer, even more, the idea of a nanobrewery opening in their town! Some people think it's a bar and then we have to clarify that it's not just a bar, there's much more to it. All of the production is done in-house and served right there. Talk about local business and building community! Prior to prohibition, breweries abounded in many cities and the only reason there wasn't a national beer brand was because refrigeration had not been invented and thus the distribution networks lacked. Who wouldn't want freshly brewed beer on site?  Sometimes we use the winery example to explain the concept. From some of the material we have read, good beer and fine wine are quite similar and you can learn a lot from reading about both beverages. In fact, beer is awesome because the most expensive bottles of beer are not as pricey as the cheapest bottles of wine. Although, that may be changing as more expensive ingredients are going into the recipes and bottle conditioning becomes more popular...

Guess this is just a rambling blog tonight. Cheers anyways!

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