Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Buildout Phase

On Jan 14, the power was turned on, lighting up our sign and the most exciting news: we received our building permits! This gave us the green light to begin buildout phase. The plumbing crew, in a matter of a few days, marked the floors, cut the concrete up, reworked the plumbing in preparation for the dishwasher and sinks, then had it reviewed by the inspector which passed inspection this morning. Today they will fill in the holes with new concrete. The path of dirt between the concrete sort of reminded me of what the "Graboids" from the movie "Tremors" left behind. After plumbing work is done, the studs for walls and electrical work will be configured.

Okay, ready to serve beer? Not quite, we have completed a few requests on our application and sent those back to the TTB so they could finish reviewing it. We estimate the application should be approved by the end of the month. After this phase, we work with VA ABC for state approval which takes approximately 30 days. After buildout is complete, test batches of beer on new equipment will begin. In the meantime, you can always order your BadWolf growler or pint glass in our online store, you know, to test out the growler and glass to see if it holds beer?

We will keep everyone posted!!

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