Monday, December 23, 2013

Reflecting on 2013

Hello family, friends and fellow beer connoisseurs. The team at BadWolf would like to thank everyone for such a fantastic first year! It has been an incredible journey which we could not have done it without you. We've come a long way from a simple concept to where we are now and have much to look forward to in 2014. Through the many obstacles and successes, BadWolf has established itself as a great little brewery in Manassas and we will always strive to constantly improve. This year, Jeremy and the brewers have made over 70 different recipes. Some beers beginning to repeat by popular request. My guess is that you might enjoy these fine libations.

As we continue to refine our brewing process, the beer only gets better. We've added more 55 gallon fermenters to allow more time for the fermentation process, streamlined the process and added oxygenation. Just a few days ago, a shipment of two new 100 gal fermenters arrived. Jeremy and Ryan had the opportunity to double batch a session porter ale today after a 12+hrs of brewing! (Very soon you can enjoy the fruits of their labor from the new fermenters.) On one morning, I noticed that part of my office suddenly converted into a yeast lab thanks to Jeremy.

Something else we've squeezed in were more bar stools. So far, the extra seating has been a hit and a relief from standing. Now we are open on Sundays from 1-6pm. On busy days space still remains tight but we are working on fixing that....

Weekly, we have been donating the spent grains to a local farmer. If you would like some of the grains, give us a shout. We brew daily Monday through Friday. One of our goals next year is to include more local ingredients into the brewing process.

I am happy to announce that most of the BadWolf gear is made locally (or in the USA) and one of my favorite pieces from this year is the BadWolf handmade mug made by Dirty Bird Pottery. If you get one of these babies, bring it in the next time for a fill. We get a batch of eight mugs every month.

All in all, I think the great news is that we had a great year and we have a fantastic future ahead! We cannot wait to continue to bring great beer to Manassas. We will see you in the taproom soon. 

If there are any beers you want us to brew next year, or if any other comments or questions contact us here Prost! 

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