Saturday, March 15, 2014

It's all about branding and logos, isn't it?

So many emails and suggestions come to us to "brand" our company with fancy logos and beautiful designs. In fact, some emails have arrived with people saying our logo particularly sucks. "Suck" is a harsh word but it sends a powerful message, they are remembering us ironically. Perfect, that is exactly what we want!! We have been compared to other breweries and companies and are told we "need" a logo. Maybe so, but our stance has always been people will remember us by our beer which has to speak louder. The simplicity of the font, wording and black background IS BadWolf's brand but it sure as hell is not fancy. Sometimes all you need is to KISS (keep it simple silly).

Another point to keep in mind is this, "What do you think of BadWolf in your mind when you hear the name?" You have automatically envisioned a concept or better yet, your very own logo, right? That is our hope that our brand drums up an image in your mind of something that one cannot forget.

Traditional marketing teaches us the idea that we have to go about marketing a certain way to get the message out there  but we have a unique view that the beer (our main product) should speak the loudest and IS the brand. If it doesn't speak loudly, then we have nothing. BadWolf is all about great beer and that my friends is everything.

So grab your t-shirt and wear it proudly! All of our t-shirts are made in the USA and printed locally! Our stickers, key chains, steins and 90% of the merchandise is USA made.

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